MMG Trust. Our team helps successful families and entrepreneurs around the world structure their assets in a way that will preserve their wealth now and for future generations. Our worldwide presence provides us the capability to facilitate
integral solutions for tax, financial, fiduciary and estate planning.

MMG Trust is an international network of operations strategically located in the most important business and financial centers of America, Europe and Asia. Our worldwide presence provides us the capability to facilitate integral solutions for tax, financial, fiduciary and estate planning. Our team is conformed by a qualified team of attorneys, business executives and accountants; all of them prepared to preserve our client´s wealth.

MMG Trust operates with the highest industry norms and international standards, assuring our clients the correct compliance with the management of their investments.


MMG Trust offers advise on all aspects of the structure and control of your wealth by establishing a clear plan for its preservation across generations. We assure our clients that the succession will carry out the wishes expressed in their “will” in a timely efficient manner, managed under our confidentiality policy and implementing planning techniques design to minimize taxes. Structures may be designed to reduce future creditor risk, whether commercial or as a result of divorce or other family calamity.

Our team can work closely with you and your personal attorney in the following areas:

  • Local and international trusts foundations
  • Private trust companies in local jurisdictions
  • Worldwide Company Formation
  • Acquisition of investments

MMG Trust facilitates the design of structures and complex integral solutions for proper tax, financial and estate planning under the best and healthier practices. As essential components of any trust structure, Foundations and Trusts adequately established and managed with solid legal strategies designed to protect personal assets, are extremely useful means for the efficient planning of protection of assets and successions.

Our advise to fiduciaries covers:

  • The design and implementation of new plans
  • The modernization and consolidation of the existing fiduciary and estate planning structures
  • The assistance to complying with the complex rules surrounding investments, accounting, taxes and compliance
  • Escrow Services for a safekeeping of their assets

MMG Trust (Panama), S.A., in coordination with its offices around the world, is able to provide advice on domestic and international tax laws and tax compliant structures. The organization is comprised by a group of experienced and seasoned professionals with knowledge of international tax issues and structures.

Among our services are:

  • Specialization in Panamanian laws that offer numerous benefits, including fiscal incentives, for establishing your company in the Republic of Panama.
  • International Tax Planning
  • Establishment of foundations or trust structures for families and family offices
  • Implementation of tax strategies for multinational groups
  • Advising on tax-efficient financing and tax-efficient licensing structures for multinational groups