Some initiatives are:

  • Eduardo Morgan ´s Scholarship
  • Responsible Citizenship and Human Rights Program
  • Signatory of the Women´s Empowerment Principles (WEP) – ONU Mujer
  • Company adhering to the Gender Parity Initiative (IPG Panama)
  • Women´s Leadership program
  • Community Legal Assistance Program (FUNDAMORGAN)
  • Prevention and sensibilization regarding gender violence (FUNDAMORGAN)
  • Corporate Wellneess Program
  • High corporate standards and robust ethical and compliance codes
  • Environmental Committee and robust recycling program
  • Waste Management Center
  • Zero Waste Certification
  • Carbon footprint measurement (Among 50 Panamanian organizations committed to combating climate change)
  • Reforestations.
  • Offices with LEED Certification
  • Pro Bono Legal Program
  • 50+ Alliances with NGO, state, local and international associations