Payment instructions Wire Transfer

Dear Client, 

You can now make your international wire transfers through Banistmo S.A., to the following bank account.


Intermediary Bank:

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. / SWIFT: CHASUS33

ABA No. 021000021

Beneficiary Bank


Banistmo S.A.

Name and Account of Beneficiary Client:

Account: 0101207448

Account name: MORGAN Y MORGAN

Once your wire transfer is made, please send an e-mail notice to your account manager.

Allow us to remind you of the importance of providing us full details of your wire transfer to assure a correct and timely application of your payments. MORGAN & MORGAN is not liable for damages caused by failure to provide us said details.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Morgan & Morgan,
Collections Department