MMG Trust (Belize) Ltd . is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Morgan & Morgan Group and also represents the Morgan & Morgan law firm based in Panama since 1992.

MMG Trust (Belize) Ltd. is licensed by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize to act as a Registered Agent for Belize International Business Companies (IBC’s) and as a Shipping Agent for ships registered under the International Merchant Marine Register of Belize (IMMARBE) actively involved in the registration of vessels and mortgages thereon.

In a nutshell, MMG Trust (Belize) Ltd . can offer its clients corporate and commercial services such as: formation and administration of companies, complete back office services, trusts, mutual funds, formation of Belize International Foundations, Limited Liability Partnerships, International Insurance Companies and Belize Trusts. In the legal field, this office is capable to offer professional assistance and consulting services on intellectual property issues, commercial law, maritime law, immigration and labor law and foreign investment as well as fully legal advice through our in house legal counsels.

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