Morgan & Morgan participates in Shiptec China 2012 @ Dalian, China

From October 23 to the 26th, the 8th edition of the conference Shiptec China was held, where more than 600 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors witnessed the growing shipbuilding industry and other maritime areas in northern China.
Representing the MMG Group, Mr. Juan David Morgan Jr and Jennifer Qu, who were accompanied by Mr. Jack Wang, Captain Samaniego, William Liu, and Jimmy Chan, IMMARBE, attended the conference.

This conference brought together leading professionals from the maritime industry, as it was a display of the latest products, services and trends in the shipping industry.

Del 23 al 26 de Octubre de 2012, se celebró la 8va edición de la conferencia Shiptec China, donde participaron más de 600 expositores y 20,000 visitantes, para ser testigos de la creciente industria de construcción de barcos y demás áreas marítimas en el norte de la China.

Por parte del Grupo MMG, atendieron a esta feria el Sr. Juan David Morgan Jr y la Sra. Jennifer Qu, quienes fueron acompañados por los señores Jack Wang, Capitán Samaniego, William Liu, y Jimmy Chan, de IMMARBE.

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